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Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to Prepare Your Dog before Visiting a Dog Park?

If you are fortunate to live near the dog park and you have a dog, it is a best place for both of you to take healthy exercise and socialization. You can bring your dog at the dog park every weekend and let him play with other dogs. But before going to the park you should be prepared to make your visits safe and fun. First, know the rules of the park and follow guidance on how to use the park. Your dogs must be properly inoculated. He is license, wearing a dog collar with ID and rabies tags, and free of viral infections. Your dogs must be leashed until they are inside the fenced, off leash area.

You should recognize risks associated with interactions with other dogs and take protection to minimize these risks. The common risk is the spread of infectious disease. To avoid this kind of risk make sure all your dog vaccinations are up to date.

At Dog Park dog fight can’t be avoided and it happens sometime. To lessen this situation you need to train your dog well. Make sure your dog always comes when called and is well-behaved when interacting with other dogs, new people, and children.

When playing in the hot sun, your dog may not notice that it is getting overheated. Make sure your dog takes breaks in the shade, gets plenty of water, and does not play for long periods in the hot mid-day sun. Remember these tips when you go to a dog park for you to have a happy visit.