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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Safety Traveling Tips for Dogs

Riding is the second nature of dogs and that is what they like to do most. To see them enjoy riding with us is the best moment we can treasure and ensuring their safety is very important. We need to be aware in some safety tips while traveling with pets. When we are on the road we always fastened our seat belt, so as our pet for their protections. Dog car seat is a very popular item for small pets to travel comfortably and if your pet can't fit in a dog car seat restrain the pet within a crate, or use a very well padded crate.

When traveling with your pet never allow your dog’s head out the car window because this can cause eye irritations and other ailments. Also it has a possibility that your dog will jump at the window and can be hit. Don’t leave your dog in the car during the summer months even with the windows down because cars can heat up very quickly causing heatstroke, brain damage or even death. It is also better if you could bring your dogs favorite toys and comforter while traveling to provide familiarity in unfamiliar surroundings.