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Monday, December 1, 2008

Is Your Dog's Nose Healthy?

Healthy Dog NoseYou can determine your dog health by simply looking at its nose. Your dog nose has its usual color if it is black then it should be black forever. If the color of your dog nose change there's something wrong to your dog and you should bring him to your vet for check-up. However, it doesn't mean that your dog has a more serious health problem.

There are lots of misconceptions about dog nose. Like people thought that if your dog nose it dry your dog is ill. And if the nose is wet your dog is healthy. That is not true and the best to explain that phenomenon is wet nose means that the air is plenty humid, when it’s muggy outside your dog’s nose gets wet. If the climate is too dry, so will be your dog’s nose. Another one is that people say if your dog nose is hot it might have fever. You should know that dog nose temperature changes based on the environment. If the ambiance is warm your dog will be warm too and its nose and vice versa. If you want to know your dog temperature you should get a thermometer with cover and insert it anally into your dog. Note that the normal dog’s temperature is 100.5 to 101.5 degrees F.